Outdoor Compact Substations are commonly used when the power requirements of a consumer exceed 135kVA. More specifically, when the required power is greater than the supply of Low Voltage Power provided by the local PPC. If so, the customer resorts to the construction of a dedicated substation, with a 20kV Medium voltage supply from the PPC (or depending of the Voltage level required in any case), which is in-line with its instructions.

Medium Voltage Substations are vital for electrical distribution networks, since they are the points where the local PPC network’s Medium Voltage is transformed into Low Voltage, suitable for use from residential/industrial consumers.

A Medium Voltage Substation consists of the following key parts:

  • Medium Voltage Panel
  • Low-Voltage Panel
  • Power Transformer MV/LV

  The equipment of the Medium Voltage Substations is either installed in a closed indoor space or in an outdoor substation (kiosk). In both cases, the installation of the Substation follows the specifications of the local PPC and international safety standards. Of course, each facility has individual needs and requirements, which are taken into account for each customer.

  In ADM, we can fully undertake each project from its starting point; from the analysis of all perspectives, design and engineering of the individual solution, to the manufacturing and final implementation, resulting in the safest and proper operation of the substation. We invest in the use of the appropriate equipment and co-operate with international corporations, such as ABB, Schneider Electric, Logstrup, etc. in order to get the most reliable and safe-to-use end result.

  The installation is carried out by our well-trained and experienced engineers, whose training we continuously invest on, in order to be able to manage even the most demanding projects.

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