Over the past 30+ years, ADM -Andriopouli Bros SA provides customized electro-mechanical solutions, constructions and high quality services, in the fields of Energy Production/Transmission and Distribution, Building Facilities, Industry and Infrastructure.

Among the high-end electrical products for special applications that we trade, you can also find solutions for temperature rise monitoring and supervision inside Electrical Switchboards. For all applications where temperature rise monitoring is required, we can provide all the necessary equipment and the control panel for such equipment. Furthermore, we can provide specialized products for energy distribution throughout special areas such as tunnels, harbors and mines.

Ports for example, are crucial for international transportation services, since 10-15% of the electricity is produced and consumed there. The increased needs of ports in energy sufficiency make it necessary that improved techniques upon energy management are used. In this context, we design and implement innovative products and solutions on the operation of electricity grids, tailored to the needs of each harbor.

Similar services are provided to other special facilities such as tunnels, mines, etc.

In addition to the initial implementation, we emphasize on the continuous monitoring of our systems and the safe to use end product.

For the applications mentioned above, electricity is vital, so in this scope we continuously train our staff and technicians so that each and every one can suggest safe and cost-effective solutions.


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